Pocket Page How-to.


Paper speaks to me! When I saw this Library Ephemera sheet from Kaisercraft I just knew I had to make use of the design and make an interactive layout with pockets and tags. On the sheet below I have used silver washi tape to indicate where I made my pockets and I have marked with pencil to show my cut lines.


I made tags in varying sizes so that the shortest would go in the bottom pockets and the largest at the top. Plenty of room for extra photos or journalling.


I inserted the tags and then flipped the paper over. To stop the tags all slipping to the bottom I run lengths of double-sided tape where necessary. Three pieces of tape were sufficient for all five pockets as you can see below. When I was happy that my tags would be secure I attached the whole sheet to a backing piece of 12” cardstock.


This is just to show how I made my photo mat.


To bulk out the pockets and add interest I cut and glued in some extra pieces I had left over. These are designed to be fixed permanently and not be taken in and out of the pockets.


Okay, so if I have tags and pockets on a layout and then I put the page into a page protector, how do I get access to the tags without taking the page out each time. On the photo below you can see I have taken the tags out, put the page into the plastic protector and then marked my pocket tops with a pen.


Take out the layout from the page protector and insert a craft mat. Use a knife to slice a slit between the dots you made. If you used a permanent pen use stazon remover or nail polish remover to erase the dots at this point.


Insert the layout back into the protector without the tags. Now insert the tags from the outside of the protector into the slits. This way the tags will always be accessible  but the page is still protected.


I love this layout as it gives me lots of scope for journalling and adding extra photos. Always make the most of paper design!


See you next time with a simple but effective technique to kick off World Craft Week. Thanks for stopping by.

Rosemary x



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