Going round in circles!

Good day my crafty friends,

What a busy bee I have been for the past few months, and, unfortunately, not on projects I have been able to share as yet. Suffice to say I have a brilliant new craft tool to rave about in the next few months, (with articles in a couple of craft mags and a couple of videos), and our Autumn Crafting Retreat plans are moving along splendidly.

Here in Merry-ville we have been enjoying our delightful 5 month old puppy, Rupert. He has already brought us so much joy. The vet and the groomer say how extraordinarily sociable and chilled he is for one so young. (Proud parent speech kicking in).


I just want to give a shout out today to the Kit n Caboodle circle cutter I was demonstrating on Create & Craft last weekend. It is the easiest, most reliable and best priced circle cutter I have ever used. I know we all have nesting dies but this cuts circles ANY size from 8cms to 32cms (approximately 3 1/2” to 13”).


To create the card below I drew a pencil line down centrally from top to bottom (although it doesn’t have to be the centre – it could be offset). I then cut some smaller circles to layer on top.



Aperture cards are made easy with this tool and you could sandwich acetate or vellum between your nested circles to make shakers.


I love shaped cards and this could easily be a pocket on a layout or mini book too as well as an invitation, with the details on a pullout card. I cut a couple of half circles in different sizes and when cutting them to a quarter circle I left a 1/2” scored flap to attach them to my main card piece. Any joins were covered with decorative paper.


Same idea for this mini book but I just cut quarter circle pieces with no extra flaps and glued them to my pages on two edges.


The layouts below speak for themselves I think. Circles make great title and journaling blocks.


The next layout is an old magazine article I did and was actually created using a dinner plate I traced around. I cringe a little when I look closely at it, and the circle in the top corner, but how quick and simple it could have been and I could have matted it to a slightly larger circle which would have been nearly impossible by hand.


And lastly, how about mixing circle punches (even scalloped ones) in too to get the smaller sized ones.


I guess most of us have some nesting dies and a lot of us may have electronic machines that could cut larger circles but for speed, portability, and price, this little tool packs a mighty punch.

Happy Crafting!






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