Pocket Page How-to.


Paper speaks to me! When I saw this Library Ephemera sheet from Kaisercraft I just knew I had to make use of the design and make an interactive layout with pockets and tags. On the sheet below I have used silver washi tape to indicate where I made my pockets and I have marked with pencil to show my cut lines.


I made tags in varying sizes so that the shortest would go in the bottom pockets and the largest at the top. Plenty of room for extra photos or journalling.


I inserted the tags and then flipped the paper over. To stop the tags all slipping to the bottom I run lengths of double-sided tape where necessary. Three pieces of tape were sufficient for all five pockets as you can see below. When I was happy that my tags would be secure I attached the whole sheet to a backing piece of 12” cardstock.


This is just to show how I made my photo mat.


To bulk out the pockets and add interest I cut and glued in some extra pieces I had left over. These are designed to be fixed permanently and not be taken in and out of the pockets.


Okay, so if I have tags and pockets on a layout and then I put the page into a page protector, how do I get access to the tags without taking the page out each time. On the photo below you can see I have taken the tags out, put the page into the plastic protector and then marked my pocket tops with a pen.


Take out the layout from the page protector and insert a craft mat. Use a knife to slice a slit between the dots you made. If you used a permanent pen use stazon remover or nail polish remover to erase the dots at this point.


Insert the layout back into the protector without the tags. Now insert the tags from the outside of the protector into the slits. This way the tags will always be accessible  but the page is still protected.


I love this layout as it gives me lots of scope for journalling and adding extra photos. Always make the most of paper design!


See you next time with a simple but effective technique to kick off World Craft Week. Thanks for stopping by.

Rosemary x


A Foamiran First!

I have just been lucky enough to spend a crafty weekend with some friends in the Peak District and one of the group led us through this delightful project. I was excited to try foamiran, probably being the only crafter on the planet not to have used it!


We gessoed the birdhouses first and I used a baby wipe and oil pastels to add some pale colour to the raised piece on the front (you can see this on the finished project).


I diecut some flowers and leaves from white foamiran. Any of your dies can be used but I chose the Tim Holtz Poinsettia deep die for my focal pieces.


I  used baby wipes and oil pastels to colour the flowers and leaves on both sides. You can use other colouring mediums too, or you don’t have to colour your own foamiran at all as you can buy it in loads of colours. I wanted to try colouring my own.


I used my fingers to gently curl and stretch the larger pieces and used the back of a craft iron to shape the smaller flowers and leaves. By laying pieces on the flat of my medium hot iron it took a few seconds for them to curl and spring off.


I layered flowers and leaves and used wire to push stamens through the centres.


I used a hot glue gun to attach the flowers to my birdhouse and filled in with mini baubles, gypsophila, birds etc. I also used some snip art pieces, and ice crystals to add a bit of bling.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with the foamiran and losing myself in the process. It definitely won’t be the last time I use this material.

Hope you are having a good crafty week. Check back in a couple of days to see how paper “speaks to me”.

Rosemary x


Accordian Book How-to.


I love making cards that are so much more than a card. There is no denying that people love photos and just to include even one makes something so much more personal and special. This accordian mini book can be made using one sheet of A4 cardstock to create just two pockets or can be never ending by joining cardstock together.


I had Pearl cardstock that was 24” long so I didn’t have to join any together and I cut it down by folding it in the centre and using a guillotine to cut it to 8” high. I scored along the whole length of it at every 4”, turned it and made one score at 2” to create my fold up pocket. If your card is thick it is advisable to score both sides to gently make it more flexible to folding. I didn’t, in my haste, and had some cracking, which is fine as I intend to ink the folded edges.



I made and covered two pieces of chipboard. My folded book measures 4” x 6” so I made my covers 4 1/2” x 6 1/2” (my cardstock was cut at 5 1/2” x 7 1/2” to allow for wrapping around the chipboard).


Ribbon to close the book must be attached before the covers are attached to the accordion book. Either wrap and attach ribbon around the book as shown or cut two separate pieces and attach one to the front and one to the back. I did go with the latter (not like the photo) so the book would open up fully. Attach the covers securely to the book.



I created a decorative cover for my book by using my distressing tool on a couple of layers of cardstock. I created numbers and shadows numbers using my mini alphabet punch board and glued them offset. I added some floral decoration and a doodled line around the inner edge of the cardstock.



I cut photo mats and small layers to add to the front of my pockets. I embossed the small pieces before attaching them to the front of each pocket. The photo mats I diecut a decorative edge on and these could be used for photos, journalling your message, using quotes or a poem etc. The pockets could have more decoration on them to match your theme. The inserts could have stamps on them.



This book could be made using double-sided decorative paper and could be another stash buster for you!


Have a crafty weekend!

Rosemary x

Quick cards!

Well that was an eventful Easter! So glad to get back to normal and today I want to show you some very quick samples I made with the Kelly Creates aquapens. 2B0CCD9D-5F26-4648-8A92-1CD3B4079B9B

These pens are similar to the water brush pens we have used for a long time with a paintbrush tip and barrel to hold water only these have colour in them already. Although I have only used them in these samples to create backgrounds you can also brush letter with them. Only the brush stroke background in the photo above was done on watercolour paper – the rest were on any plain white card I had to hand. You can see how I have lifted colour by flicking water droplets onto the background and dabbing with a piece of kitchen roll.


I needed some quick cards to showcase the pens alongside these pre printed Adornit Paintables from Create and Craft. They come in 12” x 12” sheets or small pads. The designs are delightful.


All Kelly Creates pens fit the Perfect Airbrush and so I spritzed a quick background. I cut the Adornit piece to size and laid it down over some water spritzed aquapen scribbles on my Craft mat. I coloured the flower centres and added some glitter glue.


As the aquapens are so juicy and vibrant I scribbled onto my craft mat and added water to the ink before painting my design paying little heed to the design lines. I added more colour to the centre of the flowers to give some depth.


I used a stencil with the Perfect Airbrush to create a quick background for this card and then I laid my focal piece down in some scribbled and water spritzed colour again, as before.

Have a great week. Check back soon for an easy accordion book how-to!

Rosemary x

BuJo How-to!

As tomorrow is April 1st I thought you might be interested to see how I set up a new month in my own Bullet Journal.


I use a Leuchtturm 1917 from Amazon which is a dot grid notebook. The dots make it easier to create boxes, lettering etc for planning. I use a black Pilot Frixion ballpoint pen as it is erasable, and for any doodling or embellishing I have a set of triplus fine liners from Staedtler. I also use a set of highlighters.

I love how the journal is a completely blank canvas that I customise to my needs and  adapt to suit my purpose. As well as a daily to-do list I use it as a brain dump for my workshops, blog and retreat, as well as an earnings tracker, holiday packing list etc etc.. Today I just want to show you how I approach a new month.



I have a ‘Future Log’ where I add any events as they crop-up such as hair appointments, birthdays, planned trips/holidays, meetings.




At the end of a month I create a ‘Month at a glance’ page for the coming month where I transfer all the dates from my ‘Future Log’.




I then create a ‘weekly double page’ layout for each of the weeks in the coming month. I find this particular layout works well for me (although I have tried others) and I have additional boxes for meal planning, shopping and things to do. I add all those dates I stored in my ‘Future Log’ and ‘Month at a glance’ as well as other daily tasks such as emails to write, invoices to raise, bills to pay etc.. If I don’t complete them that day I carry them over to another day. I do have a key for these things but don’t want to get too heavy in this post. I add to these pages throughout each particular week and check off or move around tasks as completed or rescheduled.

Bulletjournal.com defines a bullet journal or bujo as a “customizable and forgiving organisational system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook and diary, but most likely it will be all of the above”. A bullet Journal is mostly about tasks to complete and that is what works for me right now.


I adore Planners but found they didn’t fit my purpose so well at the moment being mostly already laid out and therefore less flexible. I also felt more pressure to be creative with doodles and stickers and even photos, so felt I was failing when I didn’t have the time to do that. My daughter, Georgia, loves her planner though and I know I will embrace one again further down the line.

Hope you have the hoppiest of Easters!

Be crafty!

Rosemary x

And finally!

Well,  finally in this trio of baskets I mean! Let’s take it up a notch again but still keep it simple and versatile in that once you have made one you can resize it to suit your purpose.


I chose a 12” x 12” paper again and trimmed 3” off one edge only. Keep this excess piece.


Score along the short edge at 31/2” and 5 1/2”, and along the long edge, as shown, at 1 1/2”, 3” 4 1/2”, 7 1/2”, 9” and 10 1/2”. You can actually do the long edge scores first and score from edge to edge if you wish without leaving the strip in the middle unscored.


Cut along the scores to the centre score and shape the middle piece as shown.


Use staples or glue or both to bring together the sides (don’t worry about it looking untidy but do be consistent with how you overlap the strips).


‘Punch two circles from the excess and fold them in half. Glue them over the messy join as shown below.


Use a cropadile to punch holes, thread ribbon or twine and add a tag and any decoration.

I have had to stop at three baskets as the chocolate I have been using as a prop is dwindling each day and getting embarrassing. Maybe I should have made smaller baskets!

I will be back at the weekend to show how I set up a new month in my Bullet journal or Bujo to the initiated!

Happy crafting and happy Easter season to you.

Rosemary x


Another day, another basket tutorial.


Equally easy and just as simple to resize, this basket has a touch more sophistication to it and more room inside size for size than the previous one.


I used a 12” x 12” piece of decorative paper and scored it at 4” and 8”, turning it through 90 degrees and scoring again at 4” and 8”. The score lines will dissect it into 9 squares.


Cut as shown in four places and round the two corners on each of the four outer squares if desired.


Make a handle (it doesn’t have to be in matching paper if you don’t have any extra). I used a border punch to make a decorative piece to layer on top of the handle.


I fashioned a paper bow from the 1-2-3 punchboard but you could use brads or buttons or gems as embellishment, or even a ribbon bow.


‘Pull the two outside pieces in and secure as shown, attaching the handle in between the layers to keep it neater. Decorate as you wish. Voila!


Have a great day!

Rosemary x